February 2015 Newsletter


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February 2015

Save The Date!

PfP’s annual dinner fundraiser will be held on Saturday, March 28, at the Sheraton in Philadlephia University City.  

Our Theme this year is

Be A Part Of The Harvest

We will showcase our projects for 2015, including five new playgrounds and the long awaited Gaza Play Therapy project, which has finally gotten underway.

The fabulous  Amer Zahr 

will be our emcee for the evening, which will include a four-course meal, presentations, silent auction, awards, entertainment, dabke, raffle, and more.

We are asking that eveyone please purchase your tickets early this year to help us control costs by having an accurate estimate of attendance.  We are offering Free Parking to everyone who buys their tickets in advance.

To purchase your tickets, click here.

Play Therapy Project Begins in Gaza

A while ago we told you about elaborate program to tackle the pervasive trauma among children in Gaza.  We came up with a multi-pronged plan to use play as a form of therapy.  

We secured a piece of land, began designing the space to implement the most effective forms of play therapy for a wide range of ages, and set about looking for personnel, including social workers, psychologists, and artists to fill in the details.

We got a good way into the planning.  Then Israel happened.  The devastating terror they unleashed in the summer of 2014 set us nearly back to zero.  

We have now secured another location and the designs are even better. We will unveil them at our fundaiser in March then post to our mailing list.  We’re VERY excited about it.

But the building is going to take time and we didn’t want to keep the kids waiting.  So, here are some pictures of us starting some activities with children at the location.

This project was launched by the generosity of the Tingari-Silverton Foundation.  We are tremendously grateful to them for a generous grant and great patience with us while we tried to sort out how to start over.

On the ground, we are proud to partner with Jessor organization, which specializes in treating trauma.

We will report more on this in the coming months.  The program will incorporate gardening, art projects, reading tents, and various play events including obstacle navigation, soccer, wall climbing, slides, pretend play, and more.



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Enjoy, laugh, play! Our donation is for the children of Palestine in memory of our beloved friend, Marita Boullata.  Marita lived in Palestinian in her early marriage. She championed its land, culture and people, especially children.