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The Right to Live Society Center, Gaza, Palestine

July 2010 (A school for children with Down Syndrome)

Playgrounds for Palestine, in cooperation with ANERA, was able to build this playground at the Right to Live Society Center in eastern Gaza in July 2010.

Gaza has been under siege since 2006, with a ban on the import of building materials. Due to this ban the raw materials used to build this playground were made primarily from recycled metals. The building and manufacturing of this playground created a few much needed jobs in Gaza and PfP hopes to create many more opportunities like this in the future.

The Right to Live Society is a non-governmental organization, established in 1993 to be the first and only society looking after citizens with Down Syndrome in the Gaza Strip. Students at this center are given the tools and special education in order to live out their lives as productive members of society. The center has a daily summer schedule for the children, including dance classes, art crafts, play, carpentry, and other skills classes. The center aims not only to help the citizens of Gaza with Down Syndrome but also to raise awareness of this condition and to help extend their outreach to serve all parts of Gaza.

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