Playgrounds for Palestine

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Bethlehem, Palestine


Playgrounds for Palestine's first playground was acquired from the American Playground Corporation and was shipped to Bethlehem after nearly one full year of preparations. It finally arrived in Bethlehem in November 2002, thanks to the efforts of ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid). Once there, however, it could not be erected in time for Christmas as planned due to Israeli closures and curfews. Despite this, two affiliates of Playgrounds for Palestine, Susan Abulhawa and Mark Miller, traveled to Bethlehem to oversee its installation, which was finally completed mid-January.

A group of dedicated local contractors and laborers worked day and night to get as much done during the few hours they were free from a forbidding curfew. Finally, two weeks later, PfP's first playground was erected.

This playground now stands at Dar Al Kalima School in the shadow of the famous Millennium Stage. Thanks to the support of Dr. Reverent Mitri Raheb, the playground is available to all the local children of Bethlehem.

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